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  • Swiss Type CNC Lathe
Our OEM products consist widely of the industries including bike parts, auto parts, electronic parts, bathroom parts, machine parts, Special Screw & nuts, electronic parts, and pneumatic & hydraulic parts etc. And also offering a wide range of material in relating to clients needs, including brass, stainless steel, steel, plastics and aluminum etc. The O.D. range available is from Ø 2mm to Ø 42mm and a maximum length of 600 mm.
  • High Flexible Production
  • Our have advanced Swiss Type CNC Lathe,Enable us to produce the most efficient and customized manufacturing of precision metal parts. We are also able to meet the customer's requirements: anodizing, surface treatment and assembly of semi-finished and finished products for our customers to achieve full service: to enhance the market competitiveness.
  • Ele Shine Metal comprehensive secondary school machine using CAM software, resulting in an average reduction of its product development time up to 80%. The company uses ESPRIT CAM integrated solution precision parts production programs, mainly to help manufacturers develop intuitive, with a simulation of the real effect and complete the details of the presentation.
    With 3D graphics, a single database structure and synchronize design changes size and shape, the establishment of automated manufacturing systems, to enhance the development of design and production efficiency, reduce production hours to reduce costs, enhance industrial competitiveness.
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